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The Lake Roberts Cabin's & General store is located in the Gila National Forest which is noted for it's spectacular scenery ranging from high cool mountains with aspen and douglas fir to warm semi-arid lowlands with juniper, oak and cactus. 

The Gila National Forest is one of the more remote and least developed National Forests in the southwest. Covering 3.3 million acres of publicly owned forest and range land, the Forest is the sixth largest National Forest in the continental United States.  
The Gila Wilderness was established within the Gila National Forest in 1924 as the first designated wilderness in the country. This undeveloped natural country can refresh the human spirit simply by its grandeur, purity, and remoteness. The Gila National Forest includes more wilderness than any other national forest in the Southwest. Come see our beautiful landscapes and wildlife.
Approximately 340 bird species have been sighted in the Gila. Of these, 166 species are known to breed on the forest, 114 are more-or-less regular non-breeders, and 57 are considered to be casual or accidental. The numerous species of birds found is largely related to the diverse ecological habitat found on the Gila and location on a migratory flight path. 
The Gila Bird Check List is available as an Adobe PDF for your convenience.

For additional information about wildlife in the Gila National Forest, 
please visit the USDA Forest Service website for the Gila National Forest.
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