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Enjoy the many hiking trails throughout the Gila wilderness or forge your own trail.

The Gila National Forest has hundreds of miles of trails for hikers, horseback riders, mountain bikers and motor sports enthusiasts. The Gila's trails will lead you from the edge of the Chihuahuan desert to the brink of alpine tundra through some of the most spectacular scenery in the Southwest. 

They say, besides the beautiful wildlife, treasure is hidden in these hills!
Lake Roberts is stocked with tender Trout and fat Catfish as well as Bass.
Hummingbirds arrive in March! Come watch Joan Day Martin band the various new arrivals. By summertime there will be thousands of the arobatic jeweled visitors.

In the fall and winter, enjoy watching the Bald Eagles at the lake and spot the many species of birds who inhabit our mountain paridise.

Approximately 340 bird species have been sighted in the Gila. Of these, 166 species are known to breed on the forest, 114 are more-or-less regular non-breeders, and 57 are considered to be casual or accidental. The numerous species of birds found is largely related to the diverse ecological habitat found on the Gila and location on a migratory flight path.
Native American Lore
One of NM s most popular monuments is just a short drive away from our cabins on Rt. 15. The Gila Cliff Dwellings are the remains of an ancient Indian Civilization, the Anasazzi, as well as the birth place of the fierce Indian chieftain, Geronimo. Tours and Information are offered daily at the visitors center.

The Mimbres ( Willow People) inhabited the area over 1000 years ago. Their black and white pottery mark ancient burial sites throughout the Gila. Although the pottery is highly sought after for its monetary value our local archeologists have asked all who discover their sites to contact the State Archeology Dept. so we may preserve the history of this fascinating culture.
The 'Warm Springs' Apache warrior Geronimo is said to have roamed these mountains since birth and found refuge here from the pursuing army. The birth site of Geronimo is only a few miles away from the Lake Roberts Cabins & General Store.
Mountain Biking is popular whether or not you are a professional entered in The Tour of the Gila or a hardy amateur athlete enjoying the mountain scenery. Our cabin elevation of 6300 feet begins a biking workout you will never forget.

The Tour of the Gila is ranked as one of the most grueling stage races in North America. The Tour of the Gila generally attracts 500 to 600 participants and is considered the US version of the the Tour de France.
On a clear night in the Gila you feel like you can reach up and touch the stars. Planets, constellations and stars are visible to the naked eye, as well as strange lights and objects some call UFOs.

Our clear, dark skies offer our guests excellent viewing year-round. Fall, winter, and spring months are the best times for deep-sky viewing. The dark skys of the Gila allow you to view the wonders of the Milky Way with a clarity found today only a very few places in the United States.
If you are traveling south on I-25, stop at " The very Large Array" where our scientists are hoping to contact extraterrestrial life.

ET can't phone home here - your cells will not work.
Horseback Riding
The Gila is a place to ride surrounded by nature and all it offers.. If you are a photographer, a hunter or just here to enjoy the mountain, there are many outfitters in the area who will guide you on a spectacular adventure. Nearby Gila Hot Springs Ranch offers affordable horseback riding starting from $40 for half a day and $60 for a full day.
Hot Springs
A number of hot springs occur within the boundaries of the Gila National Forest. The temperature of the water in each spring varies as well as the size of the pool(s) formed by the spring. Often the springs occur in close proximity to streams and rivers.
For additional information about activities in the Gila National Forest, 
please visit the USDA Forest Service website for the Gila National Forest.
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